Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Whatever purpose the Tajmahaal had been built for, it has articulated an icon of love in the middle class society of our country. The external form of Tajmahaal has become one with some of our values of the family structure. Many such material and non material elements have been incorporated in our societal moral which is constantly being practiced.

When a new child is born into the
family, it takes up all the love and attention of family members. At the same time the social and moral values of the respective societies are being transmitted in the child by the primary institute, the family. As the child grows up, parents as well as other members, consciously or unconsciously give way to gender discrimination. Even before reaching the age one, Doyeeta, a girl child have very simply become surrounded by and a part of this social system.

She is also the window of the author to jump into the past to remember his own childhood.

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